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The best art to transform your bathroom

Jun 17, 2023

by: Amy Evans, BestReviews Staff

Posted: Jul 24, 2023 / 11:11 AM EDT

Updated: Jul 24, 2023 / 11:31 AM EDT

There are no rules for choosing bathroom art — go with pieces you find attractive and that complement your decor style. That said, there are some favored themes you might want to explore when redecorating the bathroom.

Naturally, blue is a popular color for bathroom art, since it helps create a peaceful, spa-like atmosphere and goes with themes of water and bathing. Nautical and ocean imagery works well, even going as far as evoking the sensation that you’re on vacation. Nature-inspired images such as botanical prints and landscape paintings often have a calming, inviting feel. Humorous art that makes light of what goes on in the bathroom can have a playful effect and keep your guests amused, too.

Art displayed in the bathroom should be capable of standing up to moisture and humidity. Framed art with a glass front and waterproof canvases are ideal choices for bathrooms. Stick with wood, metal or plastic frames as opposed to delicate gold leaf and other fragile details. Standard wrapped or stretched canvases are fine for powder rooms but should be avoided in full baths. Steer clear of posters and loose canvas material, as well, which can warp or curl in bathroom environments.

Bathroom art goes beyond just paintings. Vinyl wall decals, artful room dividers, peel-and-stick backsplash, sculptures and wooden signs can also work well in the bathroom, both visually and in terms of performance.

Generally speaking, wall art should be displayed at eye level for the best viewing experience. You can hang artwork above bathroom fixtures such as towel bars, a freestanding tub or a toilet. Hanging art opposite the bathroom mirror lets you view the piece in your reflection, which has a neat effect. If the art is bold, inspirational or entertaining, place it where it can be viewed easily.

If you plan on hanging a single piece, bigger is usually better; art that takes up most of the space on a wall will act as a focal point in the room. Otherwise, you can go with multiple smaller pieces for a gallery display.

Dzl Art Colorful Abstract Painting

This modern abstract print makes a dramatic statement, featuring a waterproof canvas mounted on wood. It comes in six sizes, with seven other design options including picturesque beach and forest landscapes.

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Yoooahu Beach-Themed Wall Art

This ocean-themed wall art comes with four panels that can be oriented in various ways to suit your personal taste. The waterproof canvases are mounted on wood, available in six sizes and 16 designs ranging from botanical themes to nautical imagery.

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Haus and Hues Framed Vintage Botanical Prints

This set of four vintage-inspired botanical prints can be oriented in multiple ways depending on your preference. The subtle floral imagery and black-and-white color scheme give it a minimalist look. The prints are protected by a sheet of plexiglass housed in a solid oak frame in beige or black, with eight nature-themed designs and three size options.

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Legacy Decor Blossom Screen Room Divider

This Japanese plum blossom room divider adds a layer of privacy in the bathroom and acts as eye-catching decor. It comes as four, six or eight rice paper panels with black or white panes made of pine.

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RoomMates Vine Peel and Stick Wall Decals

These pretty vine decals can liven up the look of tiles or a shower door. The waterproof vinyl material can handle bathroom conditions, with easy peel-and-stick installation.

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Haus and Hues Framed Boho Art

This neutral gallery set can complement any bathroom color scheme, with six distinctive prints for visual variety. The prints pair especially well with mid-century modern and bohemian decor. They’re protected by a plexiglass sheet with a beige or black oak frame in three sizes. There are eight collections to consider, and, if six prints are too many for your bathroom, Haus and Hues offers a set of three with similar themes.

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Wieco Art Water Lilies Floral Canvas Print

This tranquil scene of water lilies and willow branches represents one of Monet’s finest works. The canvas print features moisture-proof vinyl surrounded by a plastic frame with a beautiful silver finish. Available in eight sizes, you can also get it as a wrapped canvas without a frame.

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Wieco Art Framed Almond Blossom Reproduction Artwork

This vivid reproduction of a Van Gogh masterpiece features delicate almond blossoms that will have a serene effect in the bathroom. It comes in five sizes as a wrapped canvas or with a plastic frame in a gold finish.

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Longking Peel and Stick Backsplash

This vibrant peel-and-stick backsplash is reminiscent of Talavera tile, a handmade ceramic tile native to Mexico. The heat- and humidity-resistant PVC material is ideal for bathrooms. These colorful tile stickers come in sets of 10 with 10 striking patterns to choose from.

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Trycooling The Thinker Statue

Some people do their best thinking in the bathroom, whether it’s while applying makeup or on the toilet. Crafted from resin and sandstone, this abstract figurine looks elegant perched on a bathroom shelf or countertop. It comes in black, sandstone, gold and silver.

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Libwys Rustic Wood Bathroom Wall Decor

This rustic wall art is perfect for a farmhouse bathroom. The set of three decorative signs can be hung together or scattered about the bathroom for a unique aesthetic. Crafted from pine and engineered wood, they come in four color schemes.

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Kibaga Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

This set of two wooden farmhouse wall signs can help keep your bathroom clean while keeping guests entertained. The larger sign conveys bathroom etiquette, and the smaller sign contains three funny, double-sided prints that are interchangeable. You can hang the frames up or place them on a shelf, rack or on the toilet.

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Stupell Industries Dog Reading The Newspaper On Toilet

This whimsical print is a fun addition to the bathroom — the pup does his business while you do your own. It’s available with a black, gray or white frame, as a stretched canvas or wood plaque in seven sizes. Stupell Industries offers other charming bathroom art that’s vintage-inspired, including a toilet paper delivery truck, a bathtub overflowing with florals and farmhouse-style flower vases.

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