Evergreen to Make 100% of its Home and Garden Flags From Recycled Plastic
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Evergreen to Make 100% of its Home and Garden Flags From Recycled Plastic

Jun 21, 2023

Richmond, Virginia (PRWEB) July 31, 2023

Evergreen Enterprises announced today that starting in 2023 it will make 100% of its iconic home and garden flags using recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) fabric made from recycled plastic, keeping over 75 million plastic bottles out of landfills every year (assumes 18.6 oz. bottle size). Evergreen is the largest decorative flag manufacturer in North America producing 100% of its home and garden flags with recycled fabricabout:blank [[1]].

“Evergreen is proud to be a leader in using recycled fabric to create the same durable, vibrant and affordable flags our customers love and expect from us,” said Ting Xu, Founder and Chairwoman of Evergreen Enterprises. “We’ve been creating our distinctive flags for over 30 years and are excited to lead the industry in now making them in a more sustainable way.”

The production process begins with used plastic being washed, sanitized and shredded into chips. The plastic chips are broken down into fine, melted pellets that are extruded into yarn. The yarn is then used to make thousands of Evergreen flags. The flags will be shipped in recycled packaging and the flags themselves are recyclable once they’ve been used up.

“It takes approximately 34 standard plastic bottles to make the fabric for a house flag and seven to make a garden flag,” said Xu. “Instead of piling up in the landfill, this used plastic is repurposed to create something beautiful that our customers can fly with pride.”

Evergreen’s commitment to manufacturing flags out of recycled materials is part of a larger push to embrace sustainable manufacturing and ultimately achieve carbon-neutral or net zero status by 2035. Evergreen is currently installing solar panels to power its headquarters in Richmond, VA and the company’s Plow & Hearth retail store and outlet in Madison, VA. As part of future product development efforts, the Evergreen team is seeking out ways to use upcycled plastics as useful products for home and garden.

According to Xu, “For the eco-wise, the mantra has always been reduce, reuse and recycle, and that’s the foundation of our sustainable manufacturing goal, beginning with pulling plastic out of landfills and putting it to good use making our beloved flags even better.”

About Evergreen Enterprises

Evergreen Enterprises is a progressive organization with an unmatched assortment of unique products for home and garden. Evergreen was founded in 1993 by Ting Xu and has evolved from humble beginnings to a major wholesale and retail organization with over 500 employees providing distinct home and garden décor known for its quality, beauty and functionality. For more information, please visit http://www.myevergreenonline.com.

about:blank [[1]] Evergreen manufacturers a larger number of house and garden flag SKUs, and releases more flag product per year, than competitors.

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