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Creating Decorative, Long

Jun 25, 2023

Solid wood, which has been used since prehistoric times and is still highly valued today, is extracted directly from trees without undergoing any lamination, pressing, or gluing processes. While it remains a universally used material in architecture, its widespread use has led to an increased demand and less efficient resource management. Therefore, solutions are being sought to optimize its use in production processes and reduce its consumption without losing its capabilities and characteristic beauty. To address issues such as warping, aging, and high environmental costs associated with solid wood, materials like Technowood have been developed. Combining technology and super-strength composites with natural wood veneers, Technowood maintains the beauty and characteristics of solid wood, but with greater durability and a sustainable approach, making it a suitable alternative.

Technowood combines FSC-certified natural wood veneer with aluminum or GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) profiles and plates, thus reducing the volume of wood used. In addition, this helps reduce the industry's contribution to forest deforestation.

This material offers numerous technical advantages for architectural projects, such as its lightness thanks to the use due to its composition, its versatility for use in both interior and exterior spaces, and its ability to be used in facade systems. In addition, it has an A2 fire-retardant class natural wood cladding, which means that it does not contribute to the spread of fires, although it can produce smoke.

The palette of six available wood textures makes it possible to create combinations with different materials, from light woods such as Ash and Beech to deep tones such as Walnut and Mahogany, and to combine them with different exterior materials such as metals, textiles, and natural stones. Thanks to its construction with metal and GRP profiles, it is possible to create large-format panels that exceed the conventional dimensions of solid wood. Facades designed with Technowood do not add considerable structural loads to the building and are quick to fabricate and install.

Technowood provides various installation systems that offer different aesthetics, adapt to various technical conditions, and enhance the overall design of the facade.

The Panel System creates ventilated facades that can withstand harsh weather conditions and can be tailored to specific design requirements, with options for different dimensions. Standard panels come with a natural wood coating and can also be produced in different colors. Technowood's 3.2-meter profiles can be customized to shorter or longer lengths (up to 6 meters) with panel widths ranging from 10 to 20 cm.

The system of profiles clad with natural wood is a light and durable cladding that resists exterior weather conditions and creates interesting chiaroscuro on the facade. Technowood offers customization of both appearance and dimensions. The profiles come open-ended as standard but can be manufactured closed with solid wood upon request. The standard size is 6 meters, but up to 7.5 meters can be produced.

The Siding System acts as a flame barrier and is unaffected by insects, fungi, and worms. This is often used for facades, decorative walls, and ceiling cladding. Standard profiles come with natural wood siding and can also be produced with paint. The standard panel length is 6 meters, but shorter or up to 7.5 meters can be produced upon request. The panel width can be selected from different dimensions, such as 10, 15, and 20 cm.

Technowood is a coherent material that combines the naturalness and texture of wood with the speed, durability, lightness, and recyclability offered by modern technology. Unlike traditional wood, it does not warp, crack, mold, mildew, or attract bacteria, which means it does not require frequent maintenance or varnishing.

To learn more about Technowood, visit their official website.

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